The Art of Accompaniment

The Art of Accompaniment

The Art of Accompaniment:

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Four Essential Conversations on Becoming the Kind of Parish the Church Needs Today

From his poignant description of the church as a field hospital, to proclaim­ing the need for mercy in a jubilee year and beyond, Pope Francis has spoken again and again about our need to meet people in whatever circumstances life has given them and to walk with them in compas­sion and love. In his profound exhortation on The Joy of the Gospel, he named this “the art of accompaniment.” But what exactly does Pope Francis mean by that term, and how can our parishes take up this crucial mission? In this clear and easy-to-use group reading guide, Bill Huebsch helps pastors and parishioners deepen their understanding of Pope Francis’ urgent call and explore ways to make it real in parish life. Perfect for pastors and parish leaders, including catechists, committees involved in outreach of any kind, and anyone who ministers to the Peo­ple of God.

Author: Bill Huebsch

48 pages | 5.5” x 8.5” |

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