About Us

Who we are

Bayard is a communications group of international scope which, with 1500 employees around the world, is present today in 41 countries with over 110 different publications. This year, Bayard will have sold over 8 million books, as well as 7.4 million magazines each month. Through these publications, Bayard regularly reaches over 30 million readers everywhere on the planet. Bayard’s unique shareholder for the past 130 years has been the Catholic congregation of the Augustinians of the Assumption, also present in numerous countries, who has always been very active in all sectors of communication (education, pilgrimages and media).


Our mission

Based on the charisma of its shareholder, the Augustinians of the Assumption, Bayard promotes the fundamental Christian values among as many as possible: an unwavering belief in man, a steadfast hope which continues through ordeals and hardships, a strong desire for fraternity and shared life. These values are for each and every editor and publisher at Bayard, a guide which helps them reach our readers:

  • to help children and teens discover in themselves their creativity, while developing a taste for solidarity;
  • to experience with seniors this joyous rediscovery of life after retirement, while keeping the necessary link with the other generations;
  • to give Catholics the yearning to live by the Gospel in our contemporary world, in the freedom of God’s children and ecclesial loyalty, refusing all separations.