Walking with Pope Francis (Tax Exempt Buyers Only)

Walking with Pope Francis (Tax Exempt Buyers Only)

This inspiring pocket-sized booklet contains many priceless gems of spiritual wisdom from Pope Francis. Each daily reflection centers on a passage from his first encyclical, The Light of Faith, and is meant to be prayerfully pondered, read and re-read, until the light of faith takes root, enriching our own lives and impelling us to go forth to share it. A wonderful guide for deepening your faith-filled journey.

Pope Francis has chosen the topic of faith for his first “letter to the world.” Why faith? Our Holy Father believes that our world is hungering for the light of faith, a “dazzling light” that helps us “see” at a deeper level. It enriches our own lives and sends us forth to share this faith that comes from the risen Christ, the “morning star that never sets.” Spend thirty days reflecting on these beautiful and tender teachings about faith. A related Scripture passage, a prayer, and a practice in response to the Pope’s message will help you experience the deep joy of a faith-filled life.


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