Healing Words

Healing Words

Healing Words Bargains! A potpourri of undated back issues of 16-page quarterly devotion booklet for hospital patients, available in sets of 12. Sorry, no imprints are available on these bargains.


Call 1-800-325-9414, ext. 164 if you are interested in subscribing to Healing Words! Each issue has 6 to 7 devotions, prayers, hymns, a cartoon and a chat with the Chaplain and can be imprinted with your information if you buy 50 or more copies.

Publication dates are Jan. 1, April 1, July 1, and Oct. 1 of each year.

Prices for booklets are:

$.74 each/5-9; $.66 each/10-19; $.55 each/20-49; $.45 each/50-99; $.39 each/100-99; $.28 each/1000+.

Minimal additional custom imprint charges for each copy are:

$.05 each/50-99; $.04 each/100-199; $.033 each/200-2499; $.04 each/2500+.

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