Abiding in Prayer – Inspiration and Professional Growth

Abiding in Prayer – Inspiration and Professional Growth

The Called to Be a Catechist Series provides information, guidance, and inspiration to catechists—whether seasoned or rookies—that will help them be more capable and confident in their responsibility of developing the faith in new generations.
Prayer is our lifeline, our connection to God. It’s probably the most important practice we teach our students, and we’re careful to stress how important an active prayer life is. Sometimes, though, our own prayer life can grow static, even stale. The noted authors in this volume discuss forms of prayer, how we teach and model prayer for our students, the Liturgy of the Hours, thoughtful praying of the Our Father, and more. This fine addition to the CALLED TO BE A CATECHIST series is sure to re-energize and inspire deeper and more profound prayer for you and for those you teach.
Contributors Include:
Daniel Luby, Mary Cummins Wlodarski, Sr. Angela Ann Zukowski, Adrián Herrera, David Amico, Fr. Gerald Chinchar, and William H. Johnston
64 pages, 6” x 9”

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