50 Prayer Services for Middle Schoolers

50 Prayer Services for Middle Schoolers

For every season of the Church year and more.
Inspire your middle school students with prayer services that help them explore God, their faith, and the complexities of adolescence.
Here are prayer services for sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. They’re not for little kids or young adults. Using language, ideas, and formats familiar to ‘tweens, these prayers introduce methods like meditation, litanies, intercessions, novenas, and even lectio divina.
There are noisy prayer celebrations and quiet, contemplative devotions. Prayers to mark Church seasons and feast days, and prayers that get students moving, thinking, reading Scripture, and shouting praise. Prayers that connect faith concepts and the lives of the saints to the realities of being an adolescent in today’s world.
The good news for catechists and teachers is that most of these prayer services require very little preparation, so you can focus on helping your students discover that God’s immense love for them is here to stay—long after middle school is over.
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