World Youth Day

Over a million young people will gather in Panama for the international WYD celebration in January 2019, and countless more will engage digitally and at activities in their local communities, parishes, campuses, and dioceses. World Youth Day is meant for every youth and young adult, wherever they may be and however they may celebrate.

To embark on such a journey, whether at home or in Central America this January, preparation is essential. Travel and safety preparation are important, but even more critical for a pilgrimage is spiritual preparation.  The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), in their WYDUSA International Pilgrimage Leaders Guide, note: “For pilgrims to fully experience these moments and recognize Jesus in their midst, they must be spiritually prepared… Help pilgrims know that they do not need to walk alone…” (pg. 26, 30).   

In that same spirit, we encourage you to make use of these spiritual and catechetical resources to help youth and young adults, whether their destination is Panama or their local community in January 2019, fully engage in this exciting moment in the life of the Universal Church.