Pflaum Gospel Weeklies (bilingual)

The BEST and ONLY alternative to bulky, expensive textbooks, the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies Faith Formation Program combines a complete doctrinal catechesis with the liturgical life of the Church.


Each child’s lesson is based on the Gospel the Church proclaims on Sunday. Lessons connect

the Gospel to the children’s lives and to the doctrine that springs from the Gospel message. Thirty-two doctrinal themes repeat each year. The Activity Books and the Catechism handbooks—What the Church Believes and Teaches (or the bilingual version Mi fe católica) correlate to those themes.

This liturgical catechesis keeps students and their families closely connected to the liturgical cycles of the church year, while providing thorough instruction in the faith.


The Method: Centered on the Liturgy

Pflaum Gospel Weeklies works in a traditional classroom setting. But the lessons are also designed to be used at home, to involve parents through a variety of family-friendly resources, such as the “Family Corner” in each lesson and the “Gospel at Home” found online.

 Support Mass Attendance

Every lesson is connected to the Sunday liturgy. Even if families do not regularly attend Sunday Mass, they hear the Gospel through the lessons sent home each week.

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