Forming Families in Faith-Cultivating catechesis in the home

Forming Families in Faith-Cultivating catechesis in the home

Families are often more engaged in catechesis than they realize, says Kathy Hendricks. Each time parents share a story or create a family tradition they cultivate the fertile soil of faith formation. Of course, many families still need help finding time to pray and fostering their own domestic spirituality, and in this thorough and enlightening book, Hendricks shares the many ways catechists, DREs, teachers, and parish ministers can honor, support, and celebrate the family’s role in faith formation. Hendricks identifies six tasks of family catechesis, showing readers how to affirm and help families build the faith. With relevant reflection questions plus practical tips and ideas for strengthening family prayer, creating opportunities for outreach, and welcoming blended families and those for whom sports is a priority, this must-have resource can help anyone discover how God dwells among us, “embedded within every family.”

Author: Kathy Hendricks

80 pp | 5.5” x 8.5” |

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